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Thatch Mountain

building big impressions
for small businesses

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Owner and designer Clarissa (a woman with short hair) stands smiling in front of a mountain.

I’m Clarissa Thatcher, a freelance web designer living in Denver, Colorado.

After serving and working with small business owners for over a decade, I know how important it is to understand you and your clients. I bring my sense of adventure, love of learning, and natural curiosity to your project to create a unique and impactful image. Together, we will craft a truly majestic online presence for your business.

Process & Packages

Packages are suited for businesses at all stages. Whether you need a refresh on your existing site or a brand new web presense, I’ll work with you from end to end. Packages begin at $500 for a simple 3 page website on Wix. Larger packages include additional services such as copy consultation, integrations with scheduling or ecommerce, and custom image creation.





A collection of inspiration from your own preferences and my research of industry trends.

The initial layout and prototype of your website, before we add in branding and your business’s content.

Layering on the unique branding elements that turn the prototype into a plan. This is where you can see the content in context.

Implementing your design in Wix or Webflow. Once we are done here, the site will be live for your clients.

Case Studies & Client Sites

Screenshot of a website. Carrie Lynn Storyteller with a photo of the author in a red jacket.

Author Carrie Lynn felt that her online home wasn’t very welcoming to her readers. Together we updated and upgraded her space to be more friendly and cheerful.

Screenshot of a website for Swiftsure Energy Services. A background image of town homes under construction and a short introduction to the business.

Clean energy and greater efficiency is the future, and I was pleased to help this company update their site to reflect their modern values and services. Live site coming soon!

Screenshot of Exclusive Taxi Roatan website featuring the words "welcome to exotic Roatan" and a photo of a bright red macaw.

Working with small business owners like Orville is my passion. I created his first website for his taxi and tour company in Roatan, Honduras.

Landing page for a book-based social media platform featuring a green background and photos of people reading.

This is a sample landing page for the social media network I wish I could join. It was an early experiment for me and taught me a lot about working with various image types in Figma and Webflow.

Landing page for a team chat app that features a happy woman in a blue room.

As part of a class I took, we developed a product landing page. In particular, I enjoyed deepening my skills in playing with alignment in Webflow.